The Ruhl Electric Co.

Founded in Alliance, Ohio on April 9th, 1970 by
Kenneth W. Ruhl Sr. who was inspired by his Great
grandfathers company G.W. Ruhl Construction.

Our company started off by operating out of the
garage of our home. The company’s first vehicle was a
mid 60’s Dodge pick up that was painted Mojave
yellow with a black roof. Through the years the
company fleet has expanded and grown, our first
aerial ladder truck was purchased in 1971. Today we
have numerous buckets trucks and derricks and many
other pieces of aerial and specialty equipment. We did
stay true to our roots with all of our vehicles and
equipment painted what our clients and associates
refer to as Ruhl Electric yellow.

Presently we have grown to provide our services to a
large number of Industrial and Utility Company's.
Located in the Eastern area of the USA.

The Ruhl Electric Co.  “A Measure of Quality” sums up
the way we approach every aspect of the service and
general business practices of our company. From the
first day in business to the present.

Kenneth W. Ruhl Jr.                                    Tracy E. Ruhl
President                                                       Vice President